Monday, July 21, 2008

OMG! They're Growing! The F Chronicles Continue -- episode 4

by Cathy Gregory

The difference between baby puppies and kid puppies is their noses. All of the puppies' noses have grown. We now have kid puppies.

As kid puppies, the youngsters are learning lots of lessons. Christine teaches many of them. The other day Frolic managed to escape from their enclosed area. We were in another room when we heard Christine bark with a very unusual tone. Coming over to see what was the matter, we found Christine sitting in front of Frolic, chastising her with four distinct barks. Frolic now knows not to go outside of their area unless permission has been given.

The puppies are also learning to use their own voices. Their repertoire of sounds has extended and now they can make all sorts of yips, barks and howls. The other day while practicing the saxophone, I heard a curious noise coming from their area. Figuring it was just their usual fun and games, I continued practicing. But soon enough the yowl was loud enough that I had to see what was going on. All seven puppies were lined up next to the door, their feet on the wall, yipping and howling as loud as they could along with the music! They continued making noise non-stop for the entire length I practiced.

They can even use their ears for listening. They love to hear the sound of human voices. Whenever they hear a person all seven of them run over to say hi. They now get to have supervised play in the yard and will follow you, running, as long as they continue to hear the sound of your voice.

As their noses grow and their tails get longer, we’ll continue to keep you updated!

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  1. Such a great blog detailing these adorable puppies daily To Do's and adventures. They are so photogenic and you have the best timing to capture this singular precious time.
    Thanks for sharing them with cyberspace.

  2. As a guide dog user, I am LOVING following the F Chronicles and wondering about Cricket and Pantera at this stage. Thanks for sharing. So fun to read!

  3. Is that Flute in Nina's lap while she's playing her flute?