Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'F' Puppies Are Getting Their Teeth, Episode 6

by Cathy Gregory and Nina Gannes

Puppy teeth…a whole set of teeny triangles anchored to pink gums. Looking into a puppy's mouth sends you into a miniaturized Thumbelina world where everything is perfectly small.

And painfully pointy, from a pup's point of view, as each one grows and pushes into and out of the gum, and into wherever it takes hold. Be warned, we tell all visitors, they are not biting YOU, they are biting anything that they can wrap those fresh and full sets of teeth around. Toys of all textures are everywhere. And the puppies have ramped up their activity level with all sorts of new games. A batch of ice cubes in the wooden salad bowl will be distributed more quickly than the ice could melt. The spout of the metal watering can and the outdoor faucet are meccas for these mouthing muzzles. One small garden which has an enticing fence just the right size for them to wriggle through to chew on the plants inside and then chew some more on the fence itself, was more puppy deserving than in its former state as a simple garden. Velcro sandles, shoelaces, long leaves, and the most omnipresent: a littermate's tail, keep these pups very busy.

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  1. that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

  2. Teething...the joys. I love the pictures though! Great that you caught them in action! :D

  3. I love your blog & it makes me want to get back into puppy raising. For now, we're foster parents, but one day..........
    Thanks for taking the time to share in your adventures with your beautiful puppies. Keep up the good work!! We couldn't do it without YOU.