Monday, July 14, 2008

Recipe for One Batch of Healthy Puppies (quantity X 7): (Episode 2)

Total prep, eating, and clean-up time: 15 minutes. Before starting, prepare heart for melting.

3 cups homemade puppy mush (for recipe, see installment one)
7 tiny bowls
1 mama for cleanup
7 puppies: Faraja, Faulkner, Franco, Fjord, Finella, Flute, and Frolic

Prepare puppy mush in kitchen ahead of time. Line up bowls on floor in row. Dish out the scrumptious meal to the seven eager faces. Watch as puppies spend first two minutes concentrating very hard on eating. Anticipate at third minute their oncoming loss of focus. Other distractions prevail: a different bowl of food, a toy, or their own voice—an incident which never fails to produce self-invoked astonishment, wonder, and congratulatory wiggling, skipping, and finally tripping, which often leads to falling into a heap and going to sleep! After the temptations of food have fallen short to more tantalizing distractions, prepare the mama vacuum machine.

Open the door for Christine to help clean up by eating all the leftover food (her favorite job). Clean-up complete! Anticipate ten minutes of extra vigorous playtime after the meal has been completed. Activities may include exploring the grass, playing with siblings, or chasing after Christine for an extra sip of milk for dessert.

When all seven puppies have fallen back asleep, your meal is complete!


  1. These pups keep getting cuter by the minute. They certainly are enjoying their milk and mush rations.
    They all have adorable fat bellies and soft smushy faces. Christine is a great mommy!

    dot dill in denver

  2. Aw the babies are just so adorable!! Can't wait till I can raise another one!!!!

  3. The puppies are growing up! They are adorable :) Can't wait for more!

  4. I love seeing these little guys grow! They are adorable, and momma is such a pretty girl. Keep up the riviting posts!

  5. Love reading about the journey of the "F" litter! They are so adorable!

    Becky & Cricket

  6. Oh my, how cute!! They look like they're growing like little weeds...or puppies! ;D