Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where's the Rubber Ducky? F Family Chronicles - episode 5

by Cathy Gregory

Bath time for the pup kids--having been at the vet clinic today for all sorts of "normal" procedures for 6-week-old guide dog puppies, they return home smelling, hmmm, a little bit smellier than I can accept. So, a new activity, necessary for them to be accustomed to (like cutting their toenails), and an opportunity to be inhaling avocado puppy shampoo smell while rubbing a glistening coat— what's not to like?

Where? How about the kitchen sink? Works for human babies…

Gather the receiving blankets—big towels—for the sopping wet Labrador coats.

How did it go? Faulkner and Flute were the most receptive—and got the cleanest with a ribbon of shampoo on their back rubbed all over their body, with their back legs immersed in clean water, and their front paws on towels at the sink's edge. They tolerated the rinsing process with aplomb. Everyone loved the drying process—rubbed everywhere.

New Behaviors? Shaking—they were "dry" but they had never been wet before, so they started dancing and wriggling, delighting in this new body action—until they fell asleep, in a pile, (of clean pups) after a big day.

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  1. What, no pictures of this first bathtime adventure? Afraid you couldn't wrangle 7 wriggling wet pups and keep a camera dry?

    These kids get cuter by the day. Have you considered keeping one to raise yourself? ( Is that even allowed?)

    Christine looks the part of a very proud mom. She deserves an extra cookie or two for all the nursing and mothering she's doing.

    Thanks so much for the blog. I can almost smell the puppy breath and clean wet furballs.


  2. Before I know it, they'll be on the puppy truck! Will we somehow still get f updates then? I'm such a sucker for this stuff.