Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As we continue to follow our fabulous litter on their way to fame and fortune, there are hints of personalities emerging…

Faraja continues to weigh in as the heaviest pup and the only one who can tackle Franco and Faulkner. He's big, but he has better manners than his brothers and will wait patiently (well, kind of) for his turn to be picked up and fed.

Faulkner is taking his name to heart – he's got something to say to the world. We have grown to recognize him as the loudest puppy. He will bark or howl about anything: food, attention, play, or just to test the sound of his voice.

Fjord is the most playful. He is the only one to really take an interest in the toys and can amuse himself by exploring and playing if all his brothers and sisters are asleep.

Franco already got lots of attention by being the only yellow puppy, but has taken it upon himself to scheme ways to get even more. He has developed a sleeping schedule for himself wherein he is ten minutes behind everybody else on starting and ending naps. This way he has a fairly reliable chance of getting ten extra minutes of play time after all his siblings have gone to sleep.

Finella is our flower girl. She loves to explore the gardens and smell all the flowers. Oftentimes this results in her smelling like basil. Puppy breath + basil = perfection.

Flute is a smarty. She's also the most ambitious adventurer, and is determined to discover everything first. She's the first to come over if anybody enters the puppy area, which gives her a very good chance of being first to get picked up and held. We think she's figured that out and is doing it on purpose.

Frolic is our all-around sweetie-pie. She is happy to do anything, so long and she is being held and petted. She will cuddle forever without moving or raising a fuss, so long as she keeps on getting stroked.

Stay tuned…


  1. Oh man there will be 7 very lucky puppy raisers in the near future...

  2. The near future isn't that far away, is it? I did some quick calculations, and I think they're like 5 weeks old...so in the next few weeks...they could be on the puppy truck! Woe!

  3. Ahh it's so cute that now their little personalities are starting to show!

  4. That's great they are starting to show personality! They all sound adorable :)