Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dangling the Carrot

by Sierra Fish

Sierra pictured sharing carrots with Blakely, a Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever crossbreedWhile the majority of us peruse the pet aisles aimlessly searching for the best dog treats to purchase, some of us are able to do a one-stop shop in the produce section. Though not popular with every dog, baby carrots are a good substitution for commercial treats. This option is especially suitable for dogs that have weight issues, and like any other reward moderation is a good rule to follow. In addition to being fat free, these sweet, crunchy snacks are also great for your dog's teeth. Eating healthy is just as important for dogs and this tasty treat is something you and your dog can enjoy together. So the next time the two of you get the urge for an afternoon snack, remember that a carrot a day can keep the vet away!

[Note: Carrots are not approved for Guide Dog program puppies-in-training.]


  1. All my dogs always love carrots too. Of course sometimes I have to switch with something else like this homemade treats with berries and banana's. Just to make things more interesting. lol.

  2. Hi, I am a guide dog raiser in Seattle, WA. The puppy I am currently raising is named Shep. I love your blog and I love reading about other raisers' experiences. I also have a website where I sell pet supplies and i have a blog on it also about guide dogs. I built the site to try and help raise money for guide dogs and other animal charities.