Thursday, August 7, 2008

The 'F' Puppies are Ready to Roll

The F litter of puppies pictured yesterday morning as they arrived on Guide Dogs' California campus to be loaded onto the Puppy Truck:

Litter raiser Cathy Gregory (and custodian for breeder dog Christine) hugs one of the puppies she raised before loading him onto the Puppy Truck:

Cathy pictured holding one of the black Lab puppies:

A black Lab puppy pictured looking at the camera:

Cathy Gregory pictured handing over one of the puppies she raised from birth, a black lab:

Photos by Morry Anne Angell, Guide Dogs for the Blind

Also, check out a 2-minute video of the puppies, from their arrival in Cathy's car to being placed safely on board the Puppy Truck:


  1. Trixie came over and sniffed the screen! And when the puppy truck guy went "boop boopy doop", she started wagging like mad. Everybody with guide dogs, play this video in front of them and watch what your guide dog does.

  2. Who was the one who barked? Was it Faulkner?

  3. Ah! I can't wait to watch them grow up with their raisers! Hopefully they'll blog about their new babies!

  4. When you get to "Luther's" age, you cant fool him anymore with dog barks that are not coming from actual "real, in his line of site" canines! lol.

  5. Ah damn! Well Luther's an old pro. He doesn't get phased by much.