Thursday, August 7, 2008

KUDOS TO THE VETS! – F Litter Chronicles, Episode 9

by Cathy Gregory and Nina Gannes

All along the way in this process, the Veterinary Clinic staff at Guide Dogs for the Blind have been superb. We'd like to take a moment to acknowledge them. Drs. Jeff Williams, Craig Dietrich, and Kristine Gonzales (we think of her as the OTHER Christine) and their staff have taken such great care of Christine during her many visits as a breeder for the past six years.

A photo of Dr. Kris listening to Christine's heart:

Two photos of Dr. Kris conducting an exam while Christine is on her back:

When I took the pups in for their 8-week final check-up -- a shot and a heartworm tablet -- for once Christine wasn't riding in the front seat of my Prius; she was back at home. Is she going to miss them? Well, when we returned, she jumped into the car and watched me take each one back into their yard. I can't be sure, but I think she remembers, from her last litter, that change is coming soon. She seemed satisfied that they all came back, at least for today.

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  1. Christine has done a great job raising her puppies! Hope she doesn't miss them too much.