Friday, August 1, 2008

Sleeping, and dreaming of the future -- episode 7

by Cathy Gregory and Nina Gannes

Franco continues his nap pattern that he established several weeks ago. He goes to sleep before the others and wakes before them, often being rewarded with bonus cuddle time. He's strong-willed like his brothers, but he's such a softy when ready to nap. He finds a big pillow for his big polar bear head and curls his body around it. He becomes the bottom of the pile when his brothers and sisters flop on top of him for their naps.

All the pups have collars now. Choosing which collar was a tad like shopping for a dress-up gown. Who am I? What color feels right? Flute has purple. Gorgeous and distinctive, just like the little cowlick on her muzzle, she is sweet and fearless when it comes to new challenges. Faulkner has cerulean blue, because as the litter's resident poet his perspective is clear (sometimes loud), and his nature is a gentle as his broad head is distinctive. Finella has aqua blue embroidered with "GDB Tour Puppy," as she has been gifted by GDB to PADS, an assistance dog school in British Columbia. If all goes well she will become a breeder for them and maybe we'll be able to raise one of her babies. Frolic has light green. The color of baby lettuce, she has big potential for the future. Franco has shocking pink. Unforgettable Mars and Venus temperments happily cohabit in this 12-pound bundle. Faraja has yellow. His name means 'leader in Swahili' and yellow is the national color of Tanzania (where our human family is spearheading an effort to build an orphanage). Faraja has the intelligence to understand that as the largest of the litter he should also be the kindest. And Fjord has red with white hearts and smiles, mimicking his self-sufficiency and fondness of playing with all the toys.

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  1. I love how their collars match their personalities! That's too cute...