Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Our Veterans

On this Veterans Day, we ask you to join us in honoring our veterans by listening in on a conversation with GDB Alumni, Vice Admiral Stephen Butler. Stephen is a retired Naval Officer and now heads Operation Send-Off, a non-profit dedicated to supporting members of the military and their families as they deploy and return from tours of duty. His Guide Dog, Blaze, has his own story with the military.

Link to the audio interview with Stephen Butler.

Photo of Blaze comforting two young girls who just bid their father goodbye

To all our Veterans, we salute you and thank you for dedicating your lives to freedom and independence.

Photo of Stephen Butler with troops deploying to Irag


  1. You might also be interested in this letter from one of our graduates:

  2. FYI... There were three veterans in our class at GDB. We all had a great time, and became as close as family. I personally am not a veteran, but I did participate in a salute of Steve & Charles with their guides, Blaze & Dalton. I know that I said three veterans right... Third was Jeff with hiss guide Chauncey. We had Navy, Air Force, and Army. Hey, that is like a commercial or something. Anyhow, the night that we were doing our first night time work was so great. For me, it was if several tons of brick suddenly fell from my shoulders, thanks to Bamboo. We were in the second bus of teams, and had some time to kill. One of our instructors, Emiliy, said that it sounded as if we were having a party, well, we were! Jeff was in the later group, and he called us to attention as Steve, and then Charles left to hopefully find the way back to the downtown lounge. I don't think that I was the only one whose belly hurt from the outburst! Bamboo wants to know why Charles and Steve have made it to GDB stardom via Guide Dog News, and the blog? She says, why not us??? Ha-Ha, just kidding! I find great joy seeing, and hearing about them. Hopefully, Blaze will get to tow Steve to the airport more than the cemetary.

    Seth & Bamboo, the worlds best guide!