Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Movin' On!

by Cathy Gregory

To all of you who have been following the F litter (see No Bones About It! July 2008), are you ready for an update? Christine has now retired from her career as a breeder mom! Since her F litter babies have departed, she's getting her svelte shape back, but she still has her "milk bar" -- 10 distinctive faucets -- along her belly!

The day that she was to be dropped off at the vet clinic for her spay surgery was also the day of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new puppy truck. She and I had a chance to go inside the truck and say goodbye to the pups about to embark on their maiden voyage.

As the photographer of the photos that adorn the truck's sides, I had enjoyed coming up with an appropriate design. I remembered how cute Christine's puppies were as they peered out over a board that I had placed in our doorway. The pups would clamor to peek over it at every opportunity, their curiosity getting the best of them whenever mom was approaching or when kibble was being poured into their bowls. By the time they were 6 weeks old, they would all line up, and that made any humans in the area rush to grab their cameras.

We tried to re-create the experience in the photos for the sides of the puppy truck. The white, UPS-sized truck now vibrates with the images of puppies that are larger than life! Every whisker and eyelash is defined and the color and texture of their collars is so real. They inspire wonder and are an irresistible invitation to learn more about Guide Dogs for the Blind.

In retirement, Christine plans to spread a little hope by connecting with vets at the VA hospital a couple of miles from where we live. She's a real trooper!

Here's a photo of Christine with a small human friend beside her:

Christine pictured with a small girl beside her

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