Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Story Wall, Part 1

We are SO EXCITED about our new mural in the Volunteer/Visitor Center on our California campus. The mural will depict a mom and her sleeping puppies beneath a tree. While the little ones snooze, the mom thinks of their future (socialization, puppy raising, training, and guiding). Our hope is that the mural will inspire viewers to also think of the career-cycle of our puppies when they visit them in our kennels as part of their tour.

Our muralist is Michelle Imbach of Napa, California. Her dad, Mike, is assisting her with the background. You can check out more of her work at

Very special thanks to our wonderful puppy socializing volunteer and long-time supporter, Wally Smith, who funded the project to honor the memory of Panda, her adopted retired Guide Dog.

Michelle working with her father on the sky on day 1:

Michelle working with her father on the sky
And overnight a tree has grown! Michelle adds the mama dog beneath the tree, day 2:

Michelle painting a dog onto the wall
Stay tuned for more photos as the project continues!

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