Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Story Wall, Part 2: Dream On, Little Puppies, Dream On!

Puppies grow, don't you know. And while they sleep, their mom dreams of their future.

The new wall mural at our California campus (introduced in is finished and our tour visitors are wowed (some are even bow-wowed…)

Artist Michelle Imbach painting on details of a black lab
Closeup of the breeder mom's drawing in progress
Photo of part of the finished mural
We unveiled the mural in a special ceremony held just before our January graduation, in honor of muralist Michelle Imbach and funder Wally Smith. Michelle was able to capture some of the personal features of Wally's late retired guide Panda in the black Labrador in appreciation of Wally's generosity (You'll even find Panda's name on the dog tag!)

Sweet dreams, little ones. Sweet dreams and bright futures!

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