Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Crumplette" See, "Crumplette" Do

By Denise St. Jean and Tommy Cook, GDB Breeder Keepers for Crumpet

This week the "Crumplettes" are 3-1/2 weeks old and they're starting to wean away from mom and beginning the learning process with one another. It's truly amazing to see how much the puppies grow in one week!

The puppies are now walking around, a bit wobbly, but determined to stand their own ground. The video below includes scenes of the "Crumplettes" playing with each other and at times mimicking one another.

In one memorable scene, one of the puppies approaches a happy, tail-wagging Crumpet to try to play with her. Next, you'll see another puppy following the lead of the first puppy, in her quest to play with mom.

Ultimately both puppies get loving nudges from mom. They're no match for Crumpet, who has always been a world-class "nudger."

Although the puppies still nurse on Crumpet, this week they were introduced to mush. Mush is dry dog food that has been soaked until it has the consistency of oatmeal.

You will see the puppies share and enjoy a bowl of mush together. The video wraps with some playful sibling rivalry of the "Crumplettes" and some fancy puppy wrestling moves.

Special thanks to:
Teri Balestrieri for shooting the video
Entire Kennel Staff for taking excellent care of Crumpet and the "Crumplettes"


  1. Puppy videos are always cute.

    As a tchnical question, would you be able to label at least the play button in the video player thingy? For a blind person, all you get are unlabeled buttons. It would make things easier for watching cute furrball videos. I don't see this all the time, but this one did it for sure.

  2. we have 'Nate' was handled with care, had egg-cellent skills when we got him at 8, if you know those, with cuddles and crates, tell them thanks, nate is great!

  3. As a puppy raiser, I love to see these videos of those tiny little balls of fur! It's so hard to imagine the food-gobbling pups we receive at just 10 weeks old were once such dainty little eaters just a few weeks before!