Monday, March 2, 2009

A Letter from Franco

Awhile back, we followed the trail of a litter of puppies -- the F Litter. One of those pups has been quite the letter writer! Here's his latest letter to his mom, (retired) breeder Christine.

Dear Mama,

About once a week my raiser takes me on a long drive and we visit her friend. He has been sick for a few months now and he needs to take a stroll. So I have been meeting ducks along our walk. I have also greeted some sheep. They sound funny. Spring is almost here. The male red-winged blackbirds are back and singing as loud as they can so my raiser says that spring is right around the corner. I don't know about that some days it seems a little warmer but then it snow and rains. Though the other day I heard some loud booming - my raiser said it was thunder from a spring sleet storm that we were having. I haven't heard thunder since the day that Hondo and Sara left. She also said that most of the time you don’t hear thunder in the winter around here.

Franco, a yellow lab, pictured on his long leash
Since spring is just around the corner my raiser has started to get ready for the garden year. It's a lot of fun as I go outside in the back yard and run all over the place while she trims up the back yard bushes and trees. Sometimes I get a little bit wild and that is when my play comes to a halt and my long line gets reeled in. She pets me and if I calm down she will let me go play some more. Otherwise, I have to stay and wait to be released. As you can see, she doesn't have any grass in the backyard yet, but she says that it will come up sometime soon. When we go in I am beat and a good nap is just the ticket.

Franco, a male yellow lab, pictured sleeping
With love and licks,

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  1. Oh Franco,

    Your letters are wonderful and the pictures make me think that you and I have looks and attitude in common. I think you are pictured doing a “down dog” stretch!
    My favorite way to ease out of naps! Gardening is the best. Outside, lots to do, lots of human attention, and, here, it is already spring, so I love being with Cathy (my keeper and your litter raiser) as she gardens away. Since it is a photography studio, there are all sorts of comfortable benches and two fountains and this platform of wood next to the flowers where I often curl up in the sun.

    I know this part of the yard was out of bounds when you were a puppy. But now that you are older, you might want to visit and I know that the whole garden would be open to you. I would love to see you before you go back to college training. So if you are planning to be in the Bay area on one of your adventures, know you and your raisers have a place to stay and lots of gardening to participate in with me as well as walks and sightseeing.


    Your Mama, Christine