Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea and "Crumplettes?"

By Denise St. Jean and Tommy Cook, GDB Breeder Keepers for Crumpet

Photo of Denise hugging yellow Lab Crumpet on their front porch at homeOn March 2, the GDB breeder dog we foster, Crumpet, gave birth to six beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever puppies that we affectionately refer to as the "crumplettes." There are five little girls and one boy. The boy, who appears to be the lightest in color, was born first and the girls all followed him.

As a GDB employee, I'm fortunate to be able to stop by the TV monitor in the kennel kitchen area daily to check in and see the progress of the "crumplettes" and check in on Crumpet from afar.

In the video below, the "crumplettes" are just over 2-1/2 weeks old and their eyes and ears are now open. They're still in the baby pool but growing fast, so next week they''ll be on the kennel floor on newspaper without the pool.

You'll see the pups curling up on one another and periodically striking a signature Crumpet pose a la "frog dog." The video also shows Crumpet displaying her motherly instincts by feeding and cleaning the hungry babies.

Catch a larger version of the video on YouTube here.

Crumpet was raised by Kim and Kendle Smith of Southern California, with the Paws for Independence Puppy Raising Club. They're on the list to raise a little "crumplette" once the puppies are available to move into puppy raising homes at approximately eight weeks of age.

Photo of Denise and Crumpet's raisers with Crumpet on their laps
The video wraps with a big wet kiss from Crumpet. We miss you Crumpet, and look forward to your return home!

Special thanks to:
Teri Balestrieri for shooting the video
Amy Brody for assisting with the video shoot
The entire Kennel Staff for taking excellent care of Crumpet and the "crumplettes"


  1. Aww, I raised the dad of this litter, Simon. They are SO cute!!!


  2. So cute!!! Hope to see some updates on the litter when they're in puppy raiser homes :)

  3. Oh so sweet - look forward to updates!

  4. I now have one of the "Crumplettes" I have little Hettie. She does the "frog dog" pose too! Crumpette was the sister of two of the dogs in our group, Cassandra and Candice.

    Hettie is doing great. She has the most extra skin I have ever seen on a puppy. She's a spit fire and her worst enemy is the mirror in my room. I've only had her for 3 days now, but she's in Tucson, Az and doing great =) She's passed out on the floor right now.

    She loves her uncles Toby and Flint (parents' black labs that we visit every weekend) though Flint, since he's only 1 doesn't really know what to do with her!

    Once she gets bigger and the fall semester rolls around, she'll be a full time college puppy. =)

    I'll be glad to give updates to anyone who wants them!

  5. PS. I would love to know where you came up with the name "Hettie"!


  6. Brenna - My son and I have the privilege of raising one of crumplettes - we received Harla. We are the puppy raisers of the mom, Crumpette - so this is really fun to have one of her pups to raise! We told Harla, "We raised your mom so we know all your tricks!" She just looked at us as if to say.. "Do you now...maybe I have a few of my own!" She is really cute, so sweet and very hugable. I hope that you will be a the Fun Day in August at Guide Dogs in California and we can meet up in person! Kim and Kendle Smith, Laguna Niguel, CA

  7. Sadly, we're going to be going to the one in Oregon this year as a change of pace! I'm so excited for them to get their vests!

    But that is really awesome! It's such a small world haha.

    Hettie is the niece to two of the dogs that were in our group and another puppy in our group was the half brother of my first GDB pup