Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The “Crumplette” Chronicles: Week Five

By Denise St. Jean and Tommy Cook, GDB Breeder Keepers for Crumpet

This week's video starts where last week's ended--the infamous kennel door that leads to the outside world. The puppies are now five weeks old and more active than the previous weeks.

They play and pounce on one another throughout the video. The puppies are on a regular diet at this time and we see them enjoy bowls of crunchy kibble.

The most memorable scene in this video is when mama Crumpet plays with two of her babies. Tails are a waggin' as Crumpet gracefully plays with her puppies until they latch onto her belly for some nourishment.

By the end of this week the puppies will be completely weaned. Next week the "crumplettes" will move into the puppy kennels and play yard area…to be continued.

Special thanks to:
Teri Balestrieri for shooting the video
Janine Rawlins for puppy wrangling
Entire Kennel Staff for taking excellent care of Crumpet and the "crumplettes"


  1. I had originally posted this in week 1 but then saw that there was a week 5! I figured this would be more up to date =)

    I now have one of the "Crumplettes" I have little Hettie. She does the "frog dog" pose too! Crumpet was the sister of two of the dogs in our group, Cassandra and Candice.

    Hettie is doing great. She has the most extra skin I have ever seen on a puppy. She's a spit fire and her worst enemy is the mirror in my room. I've only had her for 3 days now, but she's in Tucson, Az and doing great =) She's passed out on the floor right now.

    She loves her uncles Toby and Flint (parents' black labs that we visit every weekend) though Flint, since he's only 1 doesn't really know what to do with her!

    Once she gets bigger and the fall semester rolls around, she'll be a full time college puppy. =)

    I'll be glad to give updates to anyone who wants them!