Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "Crumplette" Chronicles: Week Four

by Denise St. Jean and Tommy Cook, GDB Breeder Keepers for Crumpet

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The furry batch of "crumplettes" are in a time of discovery during the fourth week of their lives. They continue to investigate their environment with their eyes and ears -- and especially their mouths.

This week's video shows the puppies nibbling on one another's ears and shoulders until something more interesting and new comes along to sink their teeth in –- a shoelace!

Next, they enjoy a supervised toy session and prance around with stuffed animals -- a red pig and blue bear, and then learn to set boundaries when they get too feisty with one another.

There is a cameo from momma Crumpet as she sun bathes in the outside kennel run. Is she daydreaming about her favorite sun spot in our backyard?

In the last scene, their kennel run door opens and they see the outside world for the VERY first time. Is this the start of a great new adventure? They're all very curious and tap a paw or two in the outside kennel run, but they then decide the world can wait -- this isn’t the week to take the "big step."

Special thanks to:
Teri Balestrieri for shooting the video, and sacrificing her shoelace
Kathy Fenger for puppy wrangling
Entire Kennel Staff for taking excellent care of Crumpet and the "crumplettes"

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