Friday, April 17, 2009

Get along little doggies!

Puppy Truck driver Joe holds a yellow Lab puppy
Our puppy truck is hitting the open road today with a cargo of 35 puppies (35!!) destined for Colorado. That's a lot of puppy love! So we wish Puppy Storks Joe and Lee safe travels as they wind their way through the wild, wild West to deliver some sunshine to the Rockies… after all the Spring snow that's been pounding the Centennial State, the boundless energy of 35 pups is bound to bring some warmth!


  1. Oh how exciting!!!! I know a few people getting puppies, and they're very excited!! I love the puppy truck..

  2. One of the M pups onboard is mine!!! I can't wait!!!

  3. One of the C puppies onboard is mine...I wonder if it's Calvin?
    Travel safe!

  4. Mitch's Mr. M turned out to be Meade. We got him from the puppy truck on Saturday and he has been such a good boy!! We are really enjoying him!