Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A New Letter Home from Franco; Mama Christine's Reply

Awhile back, we followed the trail of a litter of puppies -- the F Litter. One of those pups has been quite the letter writer! Here's his latest letter to his mom, (retired) breeder Christine.

Dear Mama,

Did you know that there are people who run? My puppy raiser boy is one of those people and he runs really fast. I have been learning about bleachers because I get to sit in the bleachers and wait until his race. I find stairs are easier to use than trying to go up in the middle of a row. I am also learning to be really patient, because track meets can take a very long time.

I am starting to get used to wearing my head collar. When I wear my head collar in public, someone always asks if it is a muzzle, and my raiser always tells them that no, it is just a head collar not a muzzle and that when I get to Phase #4 at “puppy college” that I will need to know how to use it and not fight it. Even though I think I look like a geek when I wear it.

My puppy raiser and I gave a presentation to the local Rotary Club about Guide Dogs for the Blind. There were about 30 people there and it went really well and we gave them all sorts of literature on the program. Now 30 more people know a little bit more about Guide Dogs for the Blind.

With love and licks,

# # #

Dear Franco,

Thanks for your wonderful update.

I love to run! Cathy and I run a lot and we see really beautiful things. The only time I did not run with her was through my pregnancies and then when I was spayed and had to mind Christina’s (my GDB vet who also runs) admonitions to be very careful about my abdomen. I bet you love to run and drink water after.

I heard from your sister Flute last week. She is being raised by four people in Seattle. They love her but also think that she is doing really well in training—one of the co raisers is hoping that after she is a guide dog, she will retire at her house. I think that is a good thought and hopefully it will transpire.

Don’t worry about how you look with the head collar. If you don’t “need” it (I was the same way), it is just one of those check off things your raiser has to do.

I have told you this before, but I will say it again. You are very handsome and I am so happy that you send me pictures so I can see how you are maturing. Have you been to your vet to be “fixed” yet? I think that GDB told Cathy that all the boys were being fixed from this litter. I know that hormones can cause a bunch of weird feelings that sometimes you are at a loss to be able to control. So that trip to the vet might be time that is justified (even tho you feel crummy because of the drugs they give you so the operation doesn’t hurt), in your future.


Mama Christine

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