Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The F Litter Turns 1! Letters From the Pups to Mom Christine

Can you believe the F litter pups that we've been following on this blog are now a year old!? Wow, how time flies! The pups' mom, Christine, got some letters home from most of the youngsters, snippets of which we'll share with you below. As for the three pups that haven't written home, Frolic, Fjord and Finella (now Jolie) - mom wants to hear from you! :) Actually, word is that they're all doing great with their puppy raisers as well. We can't wait to see what the future continues to hold for these pups - and we'll be sure to share it with you!

Letter From Faraja

Hi, Mom!

Faraja here! How are you? It's my birthday! Look how I've grown. As you can see, I like to know what's going on. I'm not sure how we'll celebrate my big day, but I know I'll be happy with whatever Judy and my big "sister" Cobalt have planned. I hope it involves a good romp in my favorite playground!



Letter From Flute

Dear Mom,

I have been REALLY busy! Last weekenBlack Lab Fluted I visited the college that I will be going to soon - GDB's campus in Oregon! I got to go to a graduation - I was really excited for such a special day. I also went out to lunch this week with some of the children from my class at school. It was a chance to show off for them how well behaved I am. You'd be really proud of me, I didn't even SNIFF the food on the floor, much less eat it! They walked over to my favorite store where they have all kinds of dog food and treats. They were whispering something about "birthday" and "present" but I'm not exactly sure what that meant!

You know, my people like to show off a lot and I have to help them sometimes. They cFlute in front of Seattle's space needle with puppy raisersan drop my leash and I just walk along at their side for as long as they want me to, no matter who or what that is interesting is beside me. They tell me "sit" and I just have to wait there until they walk away and call me and they get soooo excited you'd think I'd done something hard!

I've discovered how much fun the lake can be. Do you know about lakes? There is lots and lots of water and I love to jump in it and get my feet and legs wet. I also like to get sprayed with the hose. What I like to do best is sleep. I'm a really good sleeper, and guess what? I must be a big kid now because I don't have to sleep in the crate at night any more!

That's all from Seattle, Mom (that's a picture of me in front of the space needle with my raiser's nieces!). Love,


Letter From Franco

Dear Mama,

The month of May was a busy month. We attended several track meets and had the chance to be exposed to large crowds with lots of cheering and excitement. My puppy raiser got 1st in the JV boys district mile race!

I've also been busy helping my raiser give tours and educational classes a Lucky Peak Nursery, a unit of the United States Forest Service located near Boise, Idaho. The nursery began its life in 1959 and has produced seedlings for reforestation after natural disasters and stand management since 1961. They have the seed bank for the south and western United States. The nursery produces more than 2 million seedlings each year. My raiser and I show school kids what happens there, and how the nursery is helping the forest.

I am so glad that I have a busy family. I get to normal stuff like going to the grocery store and the library with my family and then we go and do a little bit more. I have been to a lot of places but sometimes it is really nice to come home and relax.

With love and licks,


Letter From Faulkner

Hey Mom!!

Now that I'm a year old, I have discovered a few things that I really really like. First of all: outside. Outside is the best place on Earth!! I love all the smells. Another of my favorite things: water. The bathtub, pon Faulker with tongue hanging outds, puddles, anything! The hose, though, is the most magical of all. My favorite toy: a purple jolly ball with a rope through it. I can play tug or just run around with it. My final favorite thing: the cold. I can't stand the heat. I really like laying down on the cool air conditioning vents, but I'll settle for cool hardwood floors in a pinch. Kate has even given me a couple ice cubes which combines my love of water with my love of the cold! They are quite the treat!!

Kate seems to be very proud of my work too. I know all of my commands and will do them flawlessly. Except "stand." Kate and I are working really hard on it, but it's a little awkward for me still. I really do love getting to work in public. Whenever I see Kate bring out my vest I get very excited and have started scooping my head into the straps to make sure she doesn't forget me.

Kate has not been feeling really well for the past few months and we've been staying at home more often than we used to. As long as I'm with her, I'm very happy though. We get to spend hours outside in the sun and it's given us a lot of time to really work on my obedience. I try really hard to stay calm while I'm inside and keep out of the way when there are lots of people around. The only thing that I do that upsets people is knock wine glasses off of the coffee table. I never do it on purpose. My tail just gets out of hand. So far, we've only had one spill though and I'm learning that a tap on the rump means "either sit or move" so that nobody's glass gets upset.

Because of Kate being sick, we're going to doctors a lot. They all love me there and nothing phases me anymore. The smell is a little weird, but I've learned to love the people in the big white coats.

Yesterday, on my birthday, Kate took a long time to cuddle with me and love on me. She told me that she loves me and can't believe what a good dog I am. She told me all about hRaiser Kate with Faulknerer past five dogs and how they are ALL working with a blind person. There is no question in Kate's mind that I will join her past pups in giving a very important person their freedom. She seems very proud of her dogs who are working and for her to be that proud of me will make having to leave her worth it. Whenever Kate talks to me, I give her unwavering, unblinking eye contact and she has often told me that she can see straight to my soul through my eyes.

I hope that you're doing well and will promise to let you know when I'm going back to school to make you, Kate and everyone else proud.




  1. Oh, these letters are so sweet - Thanks for sharing. Time flies - can't believe they are a year old now!

  2. I really enjoy hearing from the "F" puppies - I can't believe we've been following them for a year, now! Happy Birthday!