Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another F Litter Pup Writes Home

The latest in our ongoing updates about the F Litter puppies that we've been following over the past year. This is Faulkner's most recent letter home to mom; he is the black Lab pictured above.

Hey Mom!

It's officially summer in Boise, Idaho. It has been SO hot here that my puppy raiser, Kate, slips off her shoe to check how hot the pavement is in the parking lots; she wants to make sure that my paws won't get burned! Luckily, the breeze has been blowing and I've been able to be outside a lot. 

Faulkner outside playing with a toy

With summer in Boise comes a variety of fun new activities. Yesterday, our club went to an event called Alive After 5. It takes place in a big open area with a fountain in the middle where a live band plays and booths are everywhere selling food and drinks and music and all kinds of stuff. We had seven of us puppies in training show up and we had lots of fun! A yellow lab from Elko, Nevada even showed up for the festivities. Kate and Mike and I even walked around downtown for a long time after we left the crowd because it was so nice. Tomorrow, there  will be a showing of the movie "Hotel For Dogs" on an outside screen in the park. It's a free event and I hope some people and pups from our club show up. 

My favorite part of the summer is spending time outside with Honey. She's a yellow lab mix that lives with Kate and her family. She's 9 years old but still will play outside for hours with me. Eventually, she goes to lie down in the shade and Kate makes me leave the "old dog" alone.
Faulkner and his pal Honey

Well, it's time for me to get a drink and take a nap.



And the reply from mama Christine:

Hi Faulkner and Kate,

Great to hear from you. Cathy has been working hard designing a wedding album for a couple of hours so it is just a snore for me today! But now that you piped in, you got her thinking about dogs again. 

It is pretty hot during the day here too, so I tend to start and end my days with nice walks. I also have some buddies who get to stay with us when their owners need some help. 

I can’t believe how handsome you are! I am very proud of you. Keep up the good companionship and diplomacy skills as you walk around all those fun summer activities! Somewhere in your future might be a blind person who loves to be out and about and you can lead him/her to a wonderland of enjoyment.

Love from your mama, 


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