Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For the Love of Dogs

Suzanne Woods Fisher holding a baby puppy.

According to Suzanne Woods Fisher, being involved with Guide Dogs "is like eating one potato chip. You just can’t stop!” Her history makes a compelling case that joining the GDB community is every bit as addicting as a delicious snack food. She's a volunteer puppy raiser, puppy socializer, speaker's bureau member, Communications Department volunteer writer, and all-around GDB advocate. In her own words: 

"Nine years ago, Our family had family had just moved back to California after living in Hong Kong for four years. My youngest son, Tad, was in third grade and had always wanted a dog. I happened to chaperone his class on a school field trip to GDB's San Rafael campus, and that was all it took. We came home eager to start the process to become puppy raisers, and it was only a few months later that Arbor, a yellow lab male, joined our family. It's now seven puppies later... clearly, I'm hooked!"

For the Love of Dogs book cover

One of her projects that combined her passion for GDB with her profession as a writer, is the recently-released novel, "For the Love of Dogs"; all royalties for the book are being donated to GDB. "The book is set in the 1960s," she said, "and it's about a young blind woman who ends up getting a guide dog… and finds love." The book is available online at and, or can be ordered at your favorite bookstore. 

Tad is now a senior in high school and Suzanne is busy writing more books, with her newest puppy, yellow Lab Reyna, on a tie-down by her computer. “Reyna is the first dog I’ve co-raised with another family,” she said. “Co-raising is an awesome way to still participate with puppy raising while sharing the load. And I think the puppy ends up with double the benefits.” 

As for Reyna, "Her name means ‘queen’ in Spanish, but we’re not telling her that,” said Suzanne. “She already thinks she’s a princess.” You can find Suzanne and Reyna on-line at

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