Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Franco Checks In

Yellow Lab Franco with friends Lady and Jedi
The latest in our ongoing updates about the F Litter puppies that we've been following over the past year. This is Franco's most recent letter home to mom; he is the yellow Lab pictured above.

Dear Mama,

To start with now I am a year old and getting big. I am well into my second summer and I have just returned from my second trip to Montana. June was a very busy. We had high school graduations, last days of school, triathlons, travel, training, and busy summer days. I really like to play with my friends. My best friend is Lady, she is a little chocolate lab; the big black Lab is Jedi, and he is the boss - he likes to always be in charge! We play and play in our free time. Speaking of... I need to go play in the sunshine with my pals, so I'll check in with you later!

With love and licks,


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