Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who's Your Soulmate?

Becky Andrews and Cricket
Congratulations to Becky Andrews of Bountiful, Utah, who submitted the winning essay in our recent Facebook "Who's Your Soulmate?" essay contest. Not our friend yet? Join us on Facebook here!

My Soulmate
By Becky Andrews

Last night at the conclusion of yoga while we were doing the shavasna, my soulmate, my Guide Dog Cricket, was snuggled next to me as we slowly breathed in and out. I stroked her soft gentle ear and was reminded that this beautiful girl spends almost 24/7 with me. She knew most intently at that moment how busy our day had been. We had not gotten the opportunity to touch each other as much as we both need to do so throughout the day so she was being a little extra cuddly during yoga. That day, we had nine face-to-face sessions with clients, had busily gone from one meeting to the next, crossed several streets, and quickly eaten (no problem for a yellow lab) before yoga. Now we were sharing a special moment together. As I listened to her deep breathing and felt her body cozy up to mine, I felt so grateful for this beautiful dog that spends her life loving and serving me.
I am blessed to have an incredible family and married to my best friend, Steve, for 25 years. However, no one spends more time or knows my days' journeys like Cricket does. She is there and so aware of the daily victories and challenges – "Yes we nailed that crossing, Crickers! Good girl for weaving through that busy group of kids on the sidewalk!" She seems to know just when I need a little nose on my knee during a busy day – or when it is time to be silly and play with her toys for a little fun.

Cricket is just the soulmate that I need in my life right now – she brings me freedom as a fabulous Guide Dog and also brings love, compassion and balance to my life. Cricket knows that we both feel better when we start our day outside watering the flowers and enjoying the fresh air. We also know we both feel better at the end of day having some time to snuggle together and be grateful for each other. Whether we are in a new busy area trying to navigate or simply having some quiet time at home, Cricket understands my soul and calms my spirit in such an amazing way.

Recently walking along the sidewalk near a driveway, a car pulled out quickly - Cricket pulled us both back to protect me. At this moment, I was reminded that while I am walking along she is constantly watching out for my safety – watching for cars, obstacles in the sidewalk, people she needs to be careful to avoid, overhanging branches that she needs to stop and signal to me … her duties are endless. Her love and devotion is amazing! As I was pulled back from this car, I bent down and hugged Cricket and thanked her - in Cricket fashion she licked me and wagged her tail to acknowledge that she loves me and is excited to be my soulmate.

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