Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Letter From an F Litter Pup: Flute Has Big News!

Flute and his pal Donovan

Dear Mom,

Exciting news! My puppy raiser and I just found that I'm going to COLLEGE ... on Friday! The folks at GDB thought I might have to wait a while longer because there were so many other dogs ahead of me, but something must have changed and now they want me! Everyone around here is really excited, so I guess it must be really special.

I got a bath, toenail clipping, ear cleaning and toothbrushing this weekend so I'm all clean and ready to go. I'm getting lots of extra hugs and whispered messages about working hard and becoming a really good Guide Dog. People seem sort of sad underneath their excitement however. I'm not sure what it all means. But I know I'm ready for something new and interesting. I've done so many things this summer, including going to a Seattle Storm basketball game, swimming in Lake Washington, riding on a new streetcar, and best of all, making a new friend. Donovan says that he was the first one to train with my raiser, Kathi, ten years ago. He lived in California for a while with her sister, but has come back to Washington in his senior years to live with her. We've had great fun getting to know each other, though he moves a bit slowly. He is nice to snuggle with and tells me that college is a lot of fun with great people. He made it all the way through training but was career changed for a medical reas

on. Here is a picture of the two of us.


Well, that's all from Seattle. I hope to be sending you word in the coming months of my graduation from college, but I know that whatever the future holds, you got me off to a good start. Kathi says that if I don't make it as a guide there might be another job waiting for me somewhere and I can always come home to live with her. But I want to make you all proud.



A look back at Flute as a puppy: 

Flute as a young puppy

Flute as a young puppy

Flute as a young puppy


  1. My god, it is time. I was thinking we must have been coming due for some f pups to come in for training. Just think, if someone gets Flute, they'll have a famous guide dog. She had a web-presence before she could eat mush! go Flute!

  2. Thanks Carin.

    We never even thought about how much fun it would be to connect my litter with the Guide Dogs community by writing the blog and showing pictures of the pups first nine weeks. But then we heard from people like you and told our story at the GDB December luncheon. Wow. We are really proud of Flute going to college at 14 months. Go puppy raisers and all their supporters!

  3. I'm kind of behind in reading the posts but truly enjoyed this story of Flute. I want to reiterate how much our guides do mean to us because i know how hard it has to be to give the pups up when you've had all the bonding one has had prior to their going to college.

    I recall having gotten my first Guide and the puppy raiser crying as we said our goodbyes at the graduation that day. So i can certainly understand the excitement of knowing your dog is now going off to prepare for guide work yet the sadness of letting him/her go.

    god bless the puppy raisers of Guide Dogs.

  4. Flute is nowhere near a computer these days, so she asked me to post for her. She is now at her new home in northern Arizona. There are so many new smells in the rural town of St. Johns! Her new pal, Nyla, is very thrilled at how smart flute is, and very grateful to all those who have worked so hard to make their partnership possible. As her daughter, I echo those sentiments. It must be very hard to raise a puppy knowing that you are going to have to give it up to a stranger. thank you thank you thank you for giving my mom the mobility of a second pair of eyes!! (and a new friend in the bargain!)

  5. my grandmother is the woman that Flute is helping out. those two go together like bread and butter:) thank tou to all of you who helped Flute to become the dog she is:) she is a really great dog i can not thank you all enough thank you all again:) :):):):)

  6. Just met Flute (12/03) and she is a sweetheart. Flute is taking good care of her new friend and is adapting well to her new home.