Monday, August 17, 2009

My Eyes, My Friend

We got a message from Wendy Phillips of Calgary, Alberta recently letting us know that her guide, yellow Lab Bandana, was retired in June and is now living the life of leisure in Oregon with friends. 

Wendy writes: "When I moved to Calgary almost 4 years ago, I became a volunteer at one of the homeless shelters in the city and of course, Bandana was a part of my volunteering. She made the people I worked with feel like life was worth living and gave them a purpose to go on when everything seemed hopeless. She was the runner-up for 2007 volunteer animal of the year and was awarded a ribbon and certificate in early 2008. She also had her own volunteer name tag. She was very well known throughout Calgary; everywhere I we went she brought a smile to those who saw her. I continue to tell all those who are considering a guide dog about my experience with GDB and I hope to return in the next year for a new dog."

Wendy also included a poem that she wrote about Bandana and the difference the dog made in her life. 

My Eyes, My Friend

A Yellow Lab is all I have 
To guide me on my way,
But trust and love and faithfulness 
She gives to me each day;

Like God above she gives her love
To help the blind to see,
To keep me safe protecting me 
A special guide to be.

My eyes, my friend, I never knew 
Could be so possible,
God created this little dog 
Trained to be responsible;

Time well spend to teach this dog
The blind her eyes to be,
This yellow dog was sent from God 
My eyes and friend to me.

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