Monday, November 2, 2009

Help Us Find Missing GDB Puppy, Gannon!

Hi all - we need your help in finding a lost GDB puppy in Lodi, Calif. The following is the media release we sent out today. Please keep your eyes and ears open if you're in the area, and pass this information along to anyone that might be able to help us locate the pup. Thanks so much.

Guide Dog puppy Gannon
San Rafael, Calif. (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) - Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) is asking for your assistance in locating a lost puppy named Gannon. Gannon, a 3-month-old black Labrador Retriever male, is a Guide Dog puppy in training for the GDB puppy raising program.

Gannon was last seen on Friday morning, October 30 near the corner of Armstrong and Davis Roads. He may have been spotted early on Saturday afternoon in the area of Thorton Road, north of Stockton, between 8 Mile and DeVries Roads.

Gannon is being raised by a volunteer puppy raising family in Lodi, Calif. The puppy raiser families teach puppies, like Gannon, to have excellent house manners and socialize them to the world by introducing them to new people, places and experiences.

Gannon, like other Guide Dog puppies in training, stay in their puppy raising homes until they are approximately 15 – 18 months old. At that time they begin their formal guide work training at GDB and are eventually matched with blind students enrolled at the school.

Gannon has tattoos in both ears with his ID number and is wearing a black collar with Guide Dog tags. If you have any information about this lost puppy, please contact Jim Russell at 209-669-7657 or Guide Dogs for the Blind at 800-295-4050.


  1. Oh no! I hope Gannon is found quickly and reunited with his raiser family. We will spread the word and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. I hope he's found soon! I'm posting it on my blog!

  3. Shared the post on my FB profile. I HOPE he is found safe and sound!

  4. I posted this on my service dog group.
    I hope that he is found fast, and safe and sound.
    I also hope that his puppy raiser will get him back.
    I will continue to spread the word.
    I know how special these dogs are.
    I use a dog guide, and know how hard the puppy raiser works to train them.

  5. I have posted this as well with special alert for any readers in CA.

  6. Thank you all...the dog was being raised by my daughter and she was in tears when she came home and found he had gotten out. The support of the local Guide Dog puppy raisers and others like you have calmed her down - she knows what an effort is being made to get her puppy back.

  7. GDB raiser here, though I do not blog.. I have forwarded this information in lots of ways. The internet is such a vast resource to get the word out and hopefully help bring sweet Gannon home soon. Big Hug and "hang in there" to his raisers, many hearts are with you. :))

  8. I forwarded the picture w/notice to friends and co-workers in the area -- and they're determined to find the little guy! I pray they find him safe and sound :)

  9. Sure hope they find him soon! Hugs to the puppy raisers. It is being posted everywhere so hope he is soon back in your family's safe care.h

  10. I posted it on our blog too. Please update us if he is found. It makes me sick with each passing day.

  11. I sent the info on to friends. I hope Gannon is found soon! Hugs to his raisers.

  12. Posted on our blog here as welL! I hope Gannon is found soon! Cyndy, you have so much support with all of us puppy raisers from all schools! Hang in there, we are all working to bring the little guy home! My thought are with you and your family in this hard time!

  13. Golden Gate Lab Rescue has posted on our website and to our ~800 Facebook followers. Please post any news so we can share with the many who are keeping an eye out for Gannon.

  14. We sent the page out to shelters in Lodi and Stockton. They were so kind to post them..
    Love, sonja and Hendrik

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