Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Another Day at Guide Dogs... Through an Intern’s Eyes

Hello! My name is Kim Chapot and I’m a senior at San Francisco State University. I just joined the GDB team as a marketing intern and I’m loving it. There are so many friendly staff members and volunteers, but most of all, so many LOVABLE dogs!!

Last Friday I got the rare opportunity to volunteer in the Whelping Clinic, a place where all these adorable pooches enter the world.

My duties included weighing newborn puppies, feeding moms and pups, cleaning dog runs, performing physical check-ups on the moms, and cleaning ears and teeth. I also assisted with some of the boarded dogs by giving baths and bringing them to the vet.

My day ended with the birth of a beautiful female black lab. The mom did very well throughout labor and couldn’t wait to cuddle with her pups!

I really enjoyed my hands-on experience and being able to observe the compassion the Kennel staff have for each and every dog they care for on a daily basis. GDB is a great place for an internship!

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