Monday, November 9, 2009

My Guide Dog Puppy, Stanton

By Shannon Patterson

Shannon, age 9, is raising her first Guide Dog puppy. Her 4th grade class was given an assignment to write an essay about a pet; here is what she wrote about her puppy.

Shannon and puppy Stanton
My dog Stanton is a guide dog puppy in training. We will train him for a year. I got Stanton from a truck that comes down from San Rafael. I got Stanton when he was 10 weeks old.

Stanton is a yellow Labrador retriever. He has loving brown eyes and floppy, soft, and smooth ears. He also has gigantic paws.

When Stanton is hot he will lie on the tile and drink his water from his water bowl. He eats Science Diet for dinner and breakfast. He can’t have regular dog treats. He has to have a piece of his regular food instead.

Stanton is just a puppy and plays with my other dog. He also likes to play with his Kong, Nylabone, and tug toys. He knows how to sit, down, lets go, kennel, come, and more.

I love Stanton. I hope when he goes through additional training he will ace the tests and be able to graduate. If he graduates he will be partnered with a blind person. If Stanton does not make it we will get him back.

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  1. Shannon, best wishes to you and Stanton. I know the year will fly by and soon it will be graduation - the most joyous but saddest day ever.