Monday, December 21, 2009

Listen Up: These Pups are Great Reading Companions

Contributed by Leslie Graham

Elsa and Arbuckle at the library
Arbuckle and Elsa love to hang out and play with each other, but when they are at the library, they are all business. They are there to listen to stories. No, the librarians do not read to the dogs. School children, from 1st-5th grades, read to them.

The Danville Paws to Read program is “staffed” by Therapy Dogs from the Valley Humane Society in Pleasanton, Calif., but these two dogs have other jobs, too.

Elsa is a GDB breeder and has to take breaks from listening to have a litter now and again. She lives with her breeder custodian, Sue Day, who is also a puppy raiser, currently raising Dusky. Arbuckle is a career change pup and is also a GDB Ambassador Dog. He was adopted by his puppy raiser, Leslie Graham, who is now raising her 7th puppy, Cate.

Both of these black Labrabor Retrievers help show the community just what great dogs come out of the Guide Dog puppy raising program!

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  1. I can understand how Elsa is perfect for a therapy dog. Her daughter, Mia, is being raised in our puppy raising club in Colorado. Mia is a very, very sweet girl!