Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Dear readers: We're pleased to announce a new feature for this blog, a Classified Ads section highlighting products for sale by various puppy raising clubs and/or alumni. In most cases, the puppy club products are being sold as a way to raise funds to help offset their club's operating expenses. We hope that you'll support the clubs and our alumni, and enjoy the products that they have available. All Classified Ads will be given a label of "classifieds" - you can click on the classifieds label link (right hand column of this page) to bring up all Classified Ad posts.

If you are a puppy club or an alumnus with an item for sale, please submit all relevant information (product name and description, pricing, contact information and preferably a photo of the item) to information[at]guidedogs.com. All products are reviewed prior to posting; we will notify you when your product has been accepted for inclusion in the Classified Ads.

Leashes and Dog Handling Equipment

Gentle Leader Bait Bags: These bait bags feature a super strong closeable hinge, water resisent lining, two additional pockets, belt clip and waist strap. Available in red, blue and black. $14 each plus shipping. To order, contact Mary Flynn/Puppies with a Plan-Fresno at 559-288-0029 or mef22[at]cvip.net.
Bait bagBait bag

GDB-style leather leashes: $23 includes shipping. Contact Traci Holmes/Born To Lead, (801) 388-3493, or email: traciholmes2002[at]msn.com.

Latigo leather training leashes with brass clips and rings: $25, including shipping. Contact Cheryl Anderson/Santa Cruz County Puppy Raisers, (831) 335-3183, or e-mail: aeanders[at]pacbell.net.

Gripper Leashes: Because these specialty leashes are made of cotton-poly blend material with rubber gripping, they're great for wet weather conditions and for working with stronger dogs. Special pricing for GDB puppy raisers, $27 each. Also available in shorter 3' length with "O" ring, $13 each. $4 shipping per leash. Both available in green or black. Contact Sightmasters South Puppy Raising Club, (503) 659-5847, or e-mail: yellowboys3[at]msn.com.

Assorted items

Dog Lovers' Cookbook: LA Southwest Guide Dog Raisers is offering its Official Recipe Book--for dog lovers. Pamper yourself while cooking using this 8x10 charming photo gallery of delicious favorite recipes presented in a way to make you smile. The perfect gift for dog-loving friends and family, too. You don't have to cook to enjoy this book! First printing sold out quickly. Your gift directly benefits GDB's kennel renovation project. Order now for only $12 each (plus $2.50 shipping). For ordering information and a sample recipe, see guidedogpups.com or contact Pat at (310) 379-4233.

Puppy Overnight Bags: These black travel bags are ideal for taking along supplies for any puppy socializing trip. $12 each and now available online through the Willamette Valley Paws for People Puppy Raising Club. Visit their website for photos and details: http://wvpawsforpeople.org/overnight-bags.html.

Puppy Coat Sleeve: Made of soft and durable green fabric with "Guide Dog Puppy" in white lettering and black binding on the sides. Sturdy velcro around the front jacket strap. Has an inside pocket for ID card or clean up bags. $7 each plus shipping. Visit our website for more information: goldrushguides.org. Contact Jerri Bitler/Gold Rush Guides of Sacramento, (916) 635-8308, or email: pupraiser4gdb[at]yahoo.com.

Specialty Items: Sidekicks for Sight of Douglas County, Colorado, is offering specialty items through their club website. Magnetic ribbons, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodie pullovers, zippered hoodies and zippered totebags. Visit their online store for photos, pricing and availability: sidekicksforsight.bravehost.com/store.html.

Custom Dog Portrait: Painted on 4 1/4" tiles from your photo. $30 including shipping. Great for gifts or as a keepsake of your guide dog puppy. This is not a photo put onto the tile--an artist paints with glaze from your photo, and it is then fire finished. Will e-mail examples on request. Contact Cheryl Anderson/Santa Cruz County Puppy Raisers, (831) 335-3183, or email: aeanders[at]pacbell.net.

Bitch Britches...and more! The best item to have for in-home boarding of intact females in season. These washable cotton britches come in one size, and fit most GDB puppies. Available in a variety of colors and fabric patterns for $10 per pair plus shipping. New for 2008, ruffled britches, $12 each. Also available: flat unstuffed faux fleece toys with no squeaker for baby puppies under 4 months. Available in a variety of shapes; footballs, baseballs, fire hydrants, shoes, stars and many more. $1 each plus shipping. Contact Becky Bain/Leading With Love Puppy Raising Club, (719) 380-8816, or e-mail: rbain9[at]earthlink.net.

Long lines: 20', strong, yet soft and comfortable to handle. Perfect for recall practice or dragline. $10 each, shipping included. Orders of 10 or more $9 each, shipping included. Contact Janet Gift/Yolo Eyes for Others, (530) 758-4200, or e-mail: janetgift[at]aol.com.

Bandanas: Available in 5 different colors. Choose "Career Change," "Breeder," "Retired Guide or Breeder," or "Puppy Raising," embroidered below the puppy raising logo. $12 each. Contact Jerri Bitler/Gold Rush Guides of Sacramento, (916) 635-8308, or e-mail: pupraiser4gdb[at]yahoo.com.

Bumper Stickers: "Future Guide Dog on Board," and/or "I'm Proud to be a Guide Dog Puppy Raiser," green lettering on white. $2 each plus shipping. Ask about quantity discounts. Contact Beth Nelson/TLC Guide Dog Club, (970) 495-9903, or email to: bnelson2312[at]frii.com.

Dog Training/Dog Sitting: If you live in Contra Costa County, Calif., and are in need of dog services, consider Diablo Doggies. Owned and operated by Mo Vashel, former licensed Guide Dog instructor and puppy raiser, Diablo Doggies offers services that can help your dog be the happy, healthy and well behaved, including adventure walks, training, vacation sitting, grooming, and courier services to your dog's vet. Visit www.diablodoggies.com for more information.

Note: Items featured in Classifieds are not sold by GDB; ads are posted as a courtesy only. GDB is not responsible for the quality of the products nor the customer service you receive when purchasing from an advertiser. Any disputes between purchaser and seller must be resolved between the respective parties, without the assistance of GDB.


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