Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Retired Guide Still Making a Difference

We recently heard from GDB alumna Deborah Armstrong of Milpitas, Calif., about the great work that her retired guide, Boston, is doing as a therapy dog. She writes:

Boston, my retired guide, is now the pride and joy of Bob, my wonderful sighted husband. Boston and Bob are both certified by Therapy Dogs International.

I like to show GDB staff that even when a dog retires, it is still loved and can make people happy. My third dog, Glade, the one before Boston, also did therapy work, and lived to be almost 17 years old!

I am happily working Bev, my fifth guide. I work full-time at 112-acre Deanza community college in Cupertino. I am responsible for helping disabled students solve their technology problems all over campus, which means I have to run between many buildings like a competent tech who knows how to fix your computer! Zipping around with a confident Guide Dog sure doesn't hurt the image!

I've now had Guide Dogs for 28 years, and I have never stopped being grateful. There is no way I could do my job, my volunteer work, or function as an effective homemaker without the furry express!

The daughter of a patient posted a video on YouTube of Boston's recent visit with her ailing mother. I think it is particularly important for your hard-working instructors to see this video. None of my dogs ever stopped being useful when they retired, and I pledge that this will always be so.

To see the video of Boston at work as a therapy dog, please visit:

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