Tuesday, January 19, 2010

F Litter Update: Flute's Life as a Guide Dog

Black Lab guide Flute
Hello to all my mates of the F litter! My life these past three months has been very full of adventure!

In November, I graduated with my person, Nyla, and moved to a small town in northern Arizona. It sounds really hot, but since we are in the mountains, we actually got snow this morning!! The week after we graduated, we went to a wedding in Phoenix, and Nyla depended on me to help her around through the crowd. It was hard to find room for both of us, but it felt good to be doing what I have been trained to do. Nyla appreciated the help, and since it was her grandson that got married, we even wound up in a couple of the pictures. We also visited the "Pro Bass" shop, but it was kind of scarry, with all the big stuffed animals around. I don't care if it's stuffed or not, Nyla does NOT need to be in the same room as a bear, and neither do I! Then, Nyla's son had kidney surgery, and we got to visit Phoenix again. The hospital staff were very friendly, and found comfortable places for us to hang out during the procedure. We are all grateful that it seems to be working out for him!

In the meantime, I have been guiding Nyla regularly the three miles to her physical therapist, and the mile to the grocery store. I also help her around the Walmart and other stores in the "big city" an hour away. It is fun to be out doing my job.

I have a playmate, Milly, who is a chocolate lab, and lives with Nyla's grandkids. She's only a year old, and when we get together, we can both pretend to be puppies again, even though I am a WORKING dog. She only WISHES she were so important!

Nyla really appreciates all the wonderful people who helped us to get together, and so do I!



  1. Hi there Flute I am so glad you are so happy. I too have a playmate for Dawn's parents have a dog and we both fight for the attention of her dad. I love Toronto for the busier the streets are the happier I am. Everyone at school loves me and thinks I am adorable. I really miss you Flute and hope that someday we can get together. Maybe this summer when Dawn goes to California to visit my puppy raisers we will stop by your place. Got to go back to work.

    Your friend Rora

  2. Wooo! An f guide dog! I remember reading all the puppy stuff. Hey, wasn't Flute the first one to open her eyes? Now, is she the first pup from that litter to be someone's eyes too? Wouldn't that be cool?

    I can't help but chuckle that Flute's person is Nyla! Hey Flute, did you think she made those bones you love to chew? Hahaha.

  3. Hey Flute! My raiser and I met your partner's daughter back in February. She said that you were happy and a great Guide Dog. She thought you and I were from the same litter because my name starts with an "F" too. I'm back in formal training now and I hope to be a Guide Dog just like you!