Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Pros: Dogs in the Rain!

Here's some handy tips for dealing with your pet dog during this rainy season, from Pat Cook, GDB's Canine Resources Manager.

Girl in the rain with her pet dog
Our dogs don’t seem to mind the wet season and of course, they still need their exercise. But dealing with muddy paws (and even tummies depending on the size of your dog!) can be a chore. To prevent dirty paw prints all over your home try these tips:
  • Use lots of treats teach your dog to accept having his feet and underside rubbed with a towel. Do this when he is relaxed and practice several times per day at first. Some people like to do this as the dog is on a stand/stay, but some prefer to teach the dog to roll over for easy access to his belly and paws.
  • Always make your dog wait at the doorway for a release command before going in or out. This is good practice anyway and will prevent him from rushing in when he’s wet and dirty
  • Have a towel handy at the door, and have a mat or towel to send him to, placed on the porch or just inside the door. Reward him for waiting there; he’ll soon get the idea.
Practice these behaviors in training sessions before you need them so that when you do need to towel down your dog, he will be comfortable with the procedure. Consistency is important, so even in dry summer months have him wait for permission to cross the threshold and occasionally pretend to towel him at his designated spot. He’ll enjoy the attention and save you extra housework next time it pours!

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  1. Consistency and positive reinforcement are the way to go! My girl loves being dried off and groomed after working in the rain... With her tail wagging, and pearly whites glowing, she gives me kisses. If more examples are necessary at this point, how about this... In an attempt to save some expense for vet care reimbursement I have begun using a nail "machine", and when she sees me grab hold of it her tail begins wagging. When I told our local vet tech's about this they told me that they were given mixed reviews from most clients. Most of which were not positive, and they always tell me how wonderful it is to work ON my guide! Hah, if they could be lucky enough to work WITH her as I do, I wonder what they might say then??? Now I only wish I could clicker her into a vacuum user to get all of her fur that gets left around on the carpet; for that would truly save me some extra housekeeping duties!!!

    Warn and dry for now,

    Seth & Bamboo.