Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Dogs, Good Kids

Participant in the Good Dog ProgramParticipants in the Good Dog ProgramThis past week, a group of kids from the Novato Youth Center participated in the “Good Dog” Program at our California campus. The 4-day program provided a hands-on orientation to GDB’s best practices with regards to safe, appropriate dog handling and the foundation of a Guide Dog team. GDB hopes the “Good Dog” Program will ultimately inspire young people to join GDB in fulfilling ways, and to consider us as a resource within their community for employment, services, and empowerment. All in all, the kids had a dog-gone good time; they especially loved their time spent with the puppies! (Who wouldn't?!)

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  1. Love those dogs and puppies! Thanks for having the kids from the Novato Youth Center visit! They learned a lot. All the best, Cheryl Paddack