Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here is a sampling of the photo submissions that we've received recently. You can check out all of January's photo submissions on our Flickr site, as well as those that have been uploaded to our Flickr Group Photo Pool. Keep those photos coming!

Guide Dog puppy Amena
Guide Dog puppy Amena. Submitted by Wendy Harris.

Jackson and FoxboroGuide Dog puppy in training, yellow Lab Jackson, with his buddy, yellow Lab career change dog Foxboro. Submitted to GDB's Flickr Group Photo Pool by Btrob.

Diane Shapiro and Hobson
Diane Shapiro and her career change dog, black Lab Hobson.
Submitted by Megan Minkiewicz.


  1. How do you submit photos?

  2. You can always submit photos to us by email at information[at]guidedogs.com. Please submit high-resolution JPG files whenever possible. Also, you can upload your photos directly to our group photo pool on Flickr. See Flickr for how to create your oown Flickr account and to join our group!