Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is a sample of some of the fantastic photo submissions we received in the month of March, 2010. To see a slideshow of all of the month's submissions, please visit the gallery on our Flickr site.

A napping Guide Dog puppy
Guide Dog puppy Chase as he's napping.
Submitted by Karen Abrams.

Freeman at the Bark & Whine Ball
GDB retired stud dog, black Lab Freeman, was the recipient of the San Francisco SPCA's Pet Hero Award for his work as an an ovarian cancer sniffing dog at the Pine Street Clinic in San Anselmo, Calif. He is pictured at the SPCA's recent "Bark & Whine Ball" where he was honored. Photo submitted by Georgianne Meade, who writes: "We had a great time at the Ball. There was a band and great food. They had an 8' x 4' banner of Freeman hanging on the wall. He got so much attention that he was exhausted when he got home. There were 600 people and 300 dogs. Every dog was just so well behaved and so were all the parents." Kudos Freeman!

A baby pup looks up to his momma
Momma… what’s a Guide Dog? Submitted by Ken Schopp.

What about those toys?! The puppies in the photo above are part of GDB’s Litter Raiser Program, where they spend the first several weeks of their lives in the homes of volunteer breeding stock custodians. The toys shown in the photo are GDB-approved, with supervision, for puppies of that age involved in the Litter Raiser program.


  1. Somebody describe Freman to me. He's Trixie's daddy!

  2. Freeman is a handsome black Lab, with just a little gray around the nuzzle.