Monday, April 12, 2010

We've Got Mail: Birthday Milestone

Lana and Ms. Pearline
Dear Friends -

It is Miss Pearline's 9th Birthday! It's amazing how time flies by; it was seven years ago when we became a team. She was 1 year and 9 months old and I could trust her with my life.

Miss Pearline has added so much independence to my life and what an ambassador she has been representing her alma mater, Guide Dogs for the Blind. And she proudly represents Hawaii.

Miss Pearline is a professional and dedicated to her occupation. She takes her job seriously and has actually saved me from being hit by cars, and she remembers where bus stops and stores are located. Pearline can find doors, elevators, and escalators. Her memory is so incredible, she remembers places we have been. For
example, when I go to the capital I get off the bus and I say, "Let's go to the capital," and she will take me right to the elevator. If I say, "Let's go to Queens Hospital," she will take me right to the door. I just have to say "take me to Safeway" or Longs, or Costco or her favorite - Pets Discount - she knows the difference and takes me to the right store. 

Miss Pearline is my Guardian Angel for sure. She is a true blessing from God.

Miss Pearline really is a little ray of sunshine and loves to socialize with people, especially the ones who always seem to have carrots for her. Miss Pearline has selected a few people that she has a special connection
with, so if she gives you her tummy, you know you are one of them.

Her favorite friend to play with is a tall, dark and real handsome young Doberman named Koa. However, when he gets out of hand, she gives him good scolding and stands her ground.

I told you her memory is amazing; well, she always reminds me when it is her feeding time and will not 
stop bugging me until I feed her. She has a internal alarm clock that goes off at 7:00 am and again at 4:00 pm.

We attend lots of meetings people do not even know she is there. Traveling is easy - she is a real jet setter. She has traveled to Kentucky twice, Florida, Washington state twice, Oregon, and California at least five times.

Miss Pearline loves the ocean; that's her thing for sure. She insist on daily play time with me and daily tummy rubs. We go on daily walks. Her vet says she does not know she is a senior - she acts like a puppy. Her eyes are bright and ready for whatever is next.

When people say hello to me, she expects to be greeted too. I love her, I enjoy everything about her. After all
she does for me, I am privileged to be the one to care for her. Miss Pearline is my dearest friend; we are a team. We work together, play together and enjoy the life our Lord has chosen for us. Miss Pearline is the best roommate I have ever had!

Hope I did not bore you but I just had to share with friends how special this day is.

Much Aloha,

Landa Phelan

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  1. happy birthday and what a wonderful story. We are raising our first puppy and your story will make it much easier when we have to give him back. They are the most wonderful dogs....we love our puppy Donner.