Monday, April 5, 2010

We've Got Mail: Kind Words

A peek into GDB's inbox....

Donna and Tracy with their Guide Dogs
Nanaimo visits Portland: A Letter from GDB alumna Tracy McGee

Dear Guide Dogs,

This spring break my good friend Donna, her guide Prudy, and her two children, Daniel (11) and Raylene (8) came from Nanaimo Canada for a visit. Donna and Prudy were just partnered up in August so my guide Fazio, my son, Colin (8), and myself had not met Prudy until this last week and boy oh boy did we ever have a wonderful time. My guide Fazio and I just celebrated our one year anniversary on March 7th, and it has been a year of many blessings.

Our guides were the best of friends and were the hardest of workers when it came to an outing that left our children tuckered out running behind the two young, speedy guides. Donna and I could not have been more satisfied with the independence that our guides provided us both this last week, as well as on a day to day basis. During the time that we all were together, I took Donna and the gang on the city bus many times, the MAX a few times, and we walked plenty to take our children to many outings, including an Easter egg hunt at the Casey Eye Institute. We had a wonderful time and want to thank Guide Dogs for our wonderful new partners.

Tracy McGee

Heroes in the Community: A Letter from GDB supporter Michi Gorek

Dear Guide Dogs,

This is a double hero award nomination.

Today I went to Macy's at the Northgate Mall in San Rafael, and while I was waiting for a sales associate, I was fortunate to witness about six GDB instructors training their dogs on how to navigate the escalator. I am so happy to see this large corporation (Macy's) give our beloved local organization access to the escalators - something that is so foreign to any animal but necessary to the visually impaired. I am impressed by neighbors working together for a common good. Thank you Macy's and Thank you Guide Dogs. I was a fan of you both before, but I'm even more so now.

Michi Gorek

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