Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cupcakes for Culver!

Culver running with a frisbee in his mouthBy Debi and Steve Hays

Against all odds, it's been one year (5/19/09) since our family adopted Culver from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Culver was born with an intrahepatic liver shunt. When he was very small and in the puppy raising program, GDB sent him to a surgeon to try and repair it - or at least buy him some time. After the surgery, Culver was career changed. At that time, we provided foster care for him in our home, which led to our decision to adopt him. We wanted to give him the best chance at an awesome life no matter how many days he had left. The surgeon said that they didn't know how much time he would have - days, months, years??

Culver snuggling with Desma
He's lived a year so far, and we are elated. Culver is now 20 months old and living life to the fullest. He is a happy go-lucky boy, full of love and sweetness. He has spent the past year enjoying new adventures around the northwest. He likes hiking, playing on the beach, retrieving his bumper, stealing toys from his buddies, Desma and Dakota, and he loves sleeping in our bed.

So this week we're celebrating his amazing life with cupcakes to all our friends. We'll even go to Culver's puppy raiser club meeting so they can see how well he is doing these days (and yes, we'll be taking cupcakes there too). So far, he shows no symptoms of the liver shunt. We continue to be thankful for each day that we share with him. Culver is a very special boy and a precious gift to us.

Can we hope for another year, two, three? If love can keep him going, then he'll go on forever - we love him soooooooo much!

Culver hoping to snag the tennis ball from Dakota


  1. Oh, Culver love you from the first time I met you. As you know, you are in an amazing place surrounded by sooo much love. We will celebrate your life with cupcakes, too.

  2. We're currently providing foster care for Elmer, a 15 week old GDB puppy, who has the same condition. He goes in for surgery on Monday. We can only hope that his surgery goes as well and that Elmer finds a loving home like Culver.

  3. Elmer Update: The surgery at UC Davis to repair the intrahepatic shunt went very well and Elmer is recovering speedily. Luckily, the surgery required was the simplest type for this condition. This means Elmer's prognosis is to have a totally normal life!

    He's growing very quickly and full of energy. He's an extremely loving and gentle dog and he will soon be ready for adoption.