Monday, May 3, 2010

We've Got Mail: Guide Dog Gets Friendly

Good Afternoon,

I thought that I'd share this with you. I received Emmett in 
October of 2009, and can't even begin to tell you how happy he's made me. Emmett is my second guide, and he is the son I never had...

Emmett met Mary Jean Eisenhower (granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower) a few months ago, at a VIP Reception in Atlanta for the Board of People To People International (PTPI), of which Ms. Eisenhower is President and CEO.

The first time I met Mary, I had my first Guide Dog, Ramsee, who is the total opposite of Emmett. When I approached Mary to welcome her this time, she immediately noticed that I had a different companion (most people don't). 

She and I spoke for a few moments, then someone came up to ask for Mary's photo. I turned to speak with another person, and while I was speaking to this other person and Mary was having her picture taken, Emmett took the opportunity to, shall we say, sneak up to her from behind... at which point Mary declared Emmett her boyfriend. Of course, the picture had to be re-done...

I had asked if Mary could speak with the employees in my office in recognition of Federal Women's History Month, and to my very happy surprise, she came back to Atlanta and presented. It was an excellent speech and an excellent day with Mary!

I do believe that the driving force for Mary's visit, however, was to see her boyfriend again!


Love from Rita Harrison and Emmett

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