Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Full Circle

Volunteers holding the puppies that would be presented to their new raisers at an Oregon graduation ceremony
This past Saturday, for the first time ever at GDB's Oregon campus, the audience at our graduation ceremony saw the complete story of Guide Dogs when we celebrated the accomplishments of six new Guide Dog teams AND delivered three new pups to their Oregon puppy raising families.

Anyone who has attended one of our graduations knows that these ceremonies are always filled with emotion, but this graduation was something extra special. We have been working with a few young pups in some early training tests here on the Oregon campus, so we had the opportunity to have the little guys around for a bit - a great treat! And when it was time for them to be sent to their puppy raising homes, we got the chance to send them off with much fanfare.

With an auditorium filled with visitors, supporters and friends, there were plenty of “ooohs and aaahs” when Zenith, Alden and Art were presented to their new families by campus volunteers. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the stage was swamped with well-wishers, all wanting to welcome these little bundles of fur into their hearts.

So, from beginning their lives as Guide Dog puppies in the arms of their new families, to concluding their training and becoming bona fide Guide Dog teams, we came full circle in the span of the afternoon.

Join us on July 17th at our Oregon campus for another graduation ceremony, once again complete with puppies. The ceremony begins at 1:30 p.m., and is open and free to the public. Check our website for details and directions.


  1. is the pup's name really Arden? There's already a PIT named Arden being raised in Oregon.

  2. Congratuations to Alden and Art's new puppy raisers. We are Suzanne's breeder custodians and had the opportunity to visit with Suzanne's five pups before they left GDB. There are adorable! Best of luck!

  3. Oh! Zenith is thrilled he made the GDB blog! He is doing so well learning a lot and preparing for his life's purpose! I am having a blast with him!

    Thanks for posting!

    -Zenith's puppy raiser