Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living the Dream

Timmy dives into his birthday cake
Living life as a GDB Career Change Dog was like hitting the jackpot for Timmy, a yellow lab who was adopted by the concierge at the Hotel Monaco, a hotel located in the heart of downtown Portland, Ore. He not only gets to enjoy life as a “civilian,” but he now carries the title of “Director of Pet Relations” and is the top Lobby Dog at the most pet-friendly hotel in the area!

On Thursday, June 30, Timmy commemorated his 5th birthday in style at the hotel. The lobby was filled with well-wishers of both the human and canine variety (nary a growl was heard), and the hotel staff went the extra mile to support Guide Dogs for the Blind with their special brand of hospitality. Humans celebrated with great Oregon wines and treats, while the dogs enjoyed Timmy's birthday cake (made out of mashed potatoes and carrots)!

Happy Birthday, Timmy – and our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who made your day an extra special remembrance for all. Getting older isn’t so bad when you’ve got friends like those at the Hotel Monaco.

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