Friday, September 3, 2010

The Journey is the Reward

Maia Scott with her Golden guide Tessa at StonehengeGDB alumna Maia Scott with her Golden guide Tessa recently returned home to San Francisco from a jaunt to Europe earlier this summer. We caught up with her at the California campus Fun Day, where she said she was "still floating around in a blissful state of afterglow from such an incredible excursion." She sent us the following highlights of her trip:
  • Golden guide Tessa at Chalice WellGetting held back by Eurostar going from France to England which resulted in an unexpected stay in Paris and Tessa ending up with a French passport.
  • Receiving an extra fifteen minute touch tour of Stonehenge after our group's hour within the circle of the stones (I don't know if very many people - or dogs - get to stand on the alter stone!).
  • Visiting the stones at Avebury; the whole little town is inside a stone circle.
  • Spending time at Chalice Well with Tessa. She drank the iron-rich water as if it were going out of style. People pilgrimage there to walk on the Tor and drink the water for its healing properties. Whenever we walked by the garden entrance, Tessa wanted us to go back in for another drink.
  • Both in England and Ireland, it was really funny to hear people commenting near us, "Do you think that dog is really from the States?"


  1. It was lovely to read that we had a Guidedog Owner and her "Guide Dog" from the States visiting a wonderful part of our country-Stonehenge and Avebury.

    Janice (puppy walker from Guide Dogs for the Blind UK)

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