Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Greetings from Choco-boy

Megan Stewart and Snickers
Remember a few months back when we announced that we had chocolate in our kennels? Well, the chocolate Lab pups are now happily ensconced in their puppy raising homes. We recently got this update about one of the pups, Snickers, submitted by his puppy raiser, Megan Stewart:

Hey everyone, this is Snickers the chocolate puppy, but most people just call me choco-boy. Two months ago I was delivered to my new raiser mom, and was greeted by everyone here in Utah with a rock star's welcome. Everyone enjoyed getting a chance to snuggle with the chocolate puppy and I got kisses and cuddles galore. It was great, but I was glad to be with my raiser mom and start learning how to be a Guide Dog.

I’ve been learning a lot and I try really hard to be a good boy. My very favorite thing to do is go to puppy classes! There are ten other dogs in my group and they are all learning to be Guide Dogs too. It’s really fun to see all my friends every week. I also have two big sisters, Paris and Picassa. Paris used to be a Guide Dog in training but she doesn’t see very well so she came back to be raiser mom's pet dog, and Picassa is a puppy in training like me but she is leaving next month for her formal training. I love my sisters and enjoy teasing them and being a pesky little brother.

I have all my shots now so I get to go places with my raiser mom, and it’s been a lot of fun. I think my favorite outing was when mom took me on a long walk to a waterfall. The water was really cold but I jumped in anyway. There were a lot of birds and chipmunks up there too, but I was a good boy and didn’t try to chase any of them. That’s all for now, I hope everyone and their doggies are doing great.

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