Friday, March 25, 2011

Reading with Chiffon

By Puppy Raisers Sue and Jim Mooney

Chiffon, a GDB puppy-in-training, in her puppy coat lying on the floor while two blond girls read to her
It doesn't seem possible our second Guide Dog puppy, Chiffon, has just celebrated her first birthday. She is a calm, delightful little black Labrador Retriever, and every day with her is a treasure. I am a substitute teacher and volunteer at our neighborhood school.

Most Tuesday mornings, Chiffon and I visit Mrs. Hanson's third grade classroom at Needham Elementary School and work with reading groups. The students are delighted with their furry visitor, and she loves being with them. Our time together has come to be known as "Reading with Chiffon."

When it's time to head over to the classroom, Chiffon instantly knows what I mean when I say, "Let's go to school and see the kids." These students all knew Peppermint, our first Guide Dog puppy, who is now a working Guide Dog in British Columbia. The children love hearing about her latest adventures and look forward to hearing about Chiffon's future endeavors.

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