Friday, April 1, 2011

A Tribute to George the Cat: Resident Puppy Socializer at GDB

A head shot of Geoge the Cat, a grey tigger-stripe cat
After nearly a decade of service, “George the Cat” retired this month and was adopted by GDB employee Vicki Edwards, where he will enjoy his golden years. In 2001, George was adopted from a cat rescue by Guide Dogs for the Blind and became the resident “puppy socializer” on the San Rafael campus. During his tenure, George helped to socialize thousands of future Guide Dogs. Thank you George for all of your hard work!

A small black labrador retriever puppy snuggles up with George the Cat
A yellow labrador retriever rests his head on George the Cat
George the Cat and his new owner Vickie Edwards


  1. When I was training with Luther, my first dog back in 2001 I remember such a cat, not sure if it was George or another "distraction" trying to mess with Lu. Freaken Hilarious.

  2. George is adorable! We are fortunate to have him join our family.
    Aunt Cathy ( Vickie's sister)

  3. Cindy (George's new Auntie)Monday, April 04, 2011 3:51:00 PM

    So very SWEET! Can't wait to meet you George!!!