Friday, August 26, 2011

Driving Mr. Will

Morgan Watkins with his arm around his son Richard and Golden guide Will between them

by Morgan Watkins, GDB Acting President and CEO

Late one Friday afternoon, a few weeks ago, I told my son that if he picked me up after work, I would take us out to a nice dinner. Richard, being a 23-year-old student working as an intern at a local software firm, was more than happy to accept a free meal. So, shortly after 5 p.m., he showed up, ready for Dad to foot the dinner bill. Unfortunately, I had some last minute business that needed my attention before the weekend and I let him know that I would be tied up for an hour or more. I offered to pay for some fast food if he wanted to go and pick it up.

My Guide Dog Will had come out from under my desk to visit with Richard. Those two fellows are close buddies.

“Dad, can I take Will with me?”

I said that he could. I quickly took Will out for a little break on the lawn. It is important to note that our HR director saw Will and me walk by her office at this time.

After coming back in, I took the harness off of my dog and Richard grabbed the leash. Richard walked outside, let Will hop into the back of his car and then Richard took off to pick up our drive-thru meal.

At this same time, our GDB HR director spots Will and me walking outside. She sees me open the back seat of a car, let Will hop in, and then she sees me walk around the car and get in the driver’s seat. She knows that I drove a very long time ago, but this doesn’t make sense. And, then she sees me, with my Guide Dog in the back, drive away. She is stunned, and knows that something is very wrong with the picture she is seeing. It takes many seconds before it clicks that she was looking at Richard, who is about my height and similar in appearance.

I love the fact that our team can laugh and share fun stories like this, and still make a difference in so many lives. The camaraderie we enjoy with each other, and with our volunteers and graduates, makes this a very special place to work. We are all so very fortunate.

Yes, all is good in Guide Dog Country.

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Just wanted to let y'all know we stumbled across your blog this evening and got a great chuckle about Mr. Will's wild ride. :)

    Added you to my reader.

    BrownDog's Human