Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun Fun Days

Wide shot of Oregon campus Fun Day tents and people walking with their kids and puppies

Fun Days on the California and Oregon campuses were a blast this year! Raisers and their puppies came from all over, and some even attended both events! Check out all the photos on our Flickr site!

Did you have fun???


  1. Just a note from the East Coast,Raleigh, NC.....My dad was blind from retinitis pigmentosa and way back in 1958 he flew to San Rafael, CA. for a month of training w/ his first and only Guide Dog. Amigo, a Yellow Lab, chose my dad and was on the front page of the Grand Rapids Press as the first Guide Dog to ride on a Jet plane. Amigo was so amazing thanks to him and many 4-H volunteer trainers!! Thanks!

  2. How wonderful to hear from you, Sherri! Love your story and really appreciate you writing and keeping in touch!